‘’You two know each other?’’ Vitani asked and I scoffed.

‘’I wish I didn’t, but yes.’’ I replied as Ni walked around me with a smirk, ‘’You left the pridelands four years ago following your embarrassing defeat, Ni...I should’ve known you’d end up here.’’

‘’I figured you’d be wondering where I was.’’ Ni laughed evilly, ‘’But seriously, is your little princess doing well?’’

‘’Leave Kiara out of this, Ni.’’ I growled, ‘’I’m here to join the outsiders.’’

‘’Uhuh...sure you are, human.’’ Ni mocked as my blood ran cold from the fact he knew I was a human. Seeing my expression, he chuckled, ‘’I’ve been watching you longer than you expect, Shujaa.’’

‘’What is he talking about?’’ Vitani asked, but I looked at her with a raised eyebrow, causing her to back away as I looked back at Ni.

‘’I’ve been watching you ever since I saw a lightning bolt strike the pridelands...and out of that lightning bolt came you, Shujaa.’’ Ni revealed, causing my eyes to widen, ‘’It sounds cliche, but you are a very interesting lion, indeed. A human hanging amongst a species where he feels weak.’’

‘’Shut up!’’ I growled, ‘’What are you doing here?’’

‘’I think Zira will explain it more in depth than I could.’’ Ni said as Zira walked into the cave.

‘’Alright, listen up!’’ Zira shouted, ‘’We’re heading to the pridelands for a mission.’’

‘’What mission, exactly?’’ I asked, ‘’The pridelands are on high alert after the fire you guys started.’’

‘’How did you-’’ Zira started, but chuckled, ‘’I are the lion my children reported seeing saving the daughter...well, I can use that to my advantage.’’

You what!?

‘’Lure Simba into a trap...and we’ll swipe in and DISPOSE OF HIM!’’ Zira said while roaring. Oh no...they’re gonna go after Simba!

‘’ you want me to do...lure him into a trap so we can kill him?’’ I asked and Zira nodded, causing me to sigh, ‘’Okay. I’ll do it!’’

‘’Good boy…’’ Zira said while grinning madly.


I stepped back into the pridelands and already I felt glad I was back. Granted, my mission was to lure Simba into a trap, but I have a plan to get around that.

‘’Shujaa?’’ I heard Simba ask as he approached me, clearly having been on the morning patrols he used to always take Kiara on with Nala  to whip her into queen shape, ‘’Back already.’’

‘’Simba, it’s urgent.’’ I said, ‘’There’s something going on at the gorge!’’

‘’Really?’’ Simba asked, clearly skeptical, to my annoyance, ‘’Zazu would have informed me about something off at the gorge...then again, I let him take the day off.’’

‘’Family business?’’ I asked and he rolled his eyes with a smile, ‘’ know all too well about that.’’

This caused Simba to blush.

‘’Well, I, uh…’’ Simba stuttered before shaking his head, ‘’Take me to the gorge.’’

I nodded before running off, the king following me...and I leaked a tear, knowing that what I would do could possibly get me exiled...i’ll have to attack the king with the outsiders as to not blow my cover.


We stepped down to the gorge, which was filled with dust for some reason. There was so much dust that there was little chance we could see anything.

Perhaps the work of Zira?

Likely. Zira is smart enough to know that a one on one fight with Simba will not end in her victory.

‘’Hmhmhm…’’ We heard a laugh and Simba growled at me.

‘’What is this?’’ Simba asked me with barred teeth.

‘’Simba, I can explain-’’ I tried to say, but Zira and her lionesses approached us, me looking around with a worried expression.

‘’All according to plan, Shujaa.’’ Zira said as Simba growled more, ‘’You really shouldn’t trust another male lion, Simba….ATTACK!’’

I quickly watched as Simba ran away from the outsiders, who were chasing them until Vitani passed by me.

‘’You don’t have to do this, Vitani.’’ I told the lioness, who looked at me, ‘’You don’t have to take this path.’’

‘’Oh, I don’t?’’ Vitani asked with a smug face, ‘’Why not?’’

‘’Do you really want to be a part of a group feeding off a dead king’s legacy?’’ I replied, causing her to raise an eyebrow, ‘’The daughter of someone so obsessed with Scar that she was forced out of the den by Scar himself during his reign?’’

‘’Mother is a great lion!’’ Vitani defended Zira, to no avail.

‘’Oh, really? Is that why she hardly pays attention to Nuka and is more focused on grooming Kovu to be the next king than taking care of her eldest child?’’ I asked with a baffled expression, ‘’Why she lashes out at her own pride if someone even speaks so much as a peep bad about Scar? The fact that she hasn’t tried to find more fertile and safe lands for you? Is that what makes her a great lion?’’

As I said that, Vitani looked down in what appeared to be...shame. And to comfort Vitani, I went over and put a paw on her left shoulder.

‘’I won’t kill Simba because I don’t want to. Killing others because of your own ambitions is wrong, Vitani.’’ I explained, ‘’The killing of Simba is a desire of Zira and she’s just using you as one of her many pawns in a game.’’

‘’But...mother..’’ Vitani started, but I stopped her.

‘’Just stay here...and think about what I said.’’ I told her before running to catch up with the others.


I managed to reach Simba, Zira and the others as the outsiders were cornering Zira. I quickly jumped down between them.

‘’Shujaa, what are you doing!?’’ Zira barked as I smirked.

‘’Let me do it.’’ I said and Zira looked at Simba, who was still growling.

‘’.....As you wish…’’ Zira said before I extended a claw and sliced Simba upon the neck, knocking him out but not having enough blood to kill him. As I looked down to Simba’s knocked out body, purposely making them think he was dead, tons of roars echoed, ‘’YES….SCAR HAS BEEN AVENGED! SIMBA IS NOW DEAD! KOVU CAN NOW BE THE TRUE KING OF THE PRIDELANDS!’’

‘’Zira.’’ I started, ‘’Taking the pridelands won’t be easy...I advise you guys go back to the outlands while I stay here to spy.’’

‘’Fine.’’ Zira scoffed before turning to her pride, ‘’Let’s go!’’

Zira and the outsiders ran back to the outlands as I bent down to Simba.

‘’Let’s get you up, big guy…’’

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