Many people are asking "What If" Questions that kinda bring alternate endings to The Lion King.

What If...

The Lion King

  • 1: Scar threw Simba off Pride Rock when he was about to tell his uncle what he learned from Mufasa?
  • 2: Zazu had heard everything Simba and Nala said while they were going to the Waterhole?
  • 3: Mufasa had not come to Simba and Nala's rescue?
  • 4: Mufasa had survived the stampede?
  • 5: Scar killed Simba when he was a cub?
  • 6: Nala ran away with Simba because she felt sorry for him?
  • 7: Nala stayed in the oasis with Simba?
  • 8: Timon and Pumbaa never discovered Simba?
  • 9: Simba and Nala never fell in love?
  • 10: Simba did not accept to go back to the Pridelands despite his father's warning?
  • 11: Scar had pushed Simba off Pride Rock?
  • 12: Scar had made the final blow and killed Simba?

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

  • Nuka was chosen to be king?
  • Vitani wasn't a tomboy?
  • Kovu killed Simba?

The Lion King 1 1/2

Coming soon.

The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar

Coming soon.

The Lion King: 6 New Adventures

  • Simba and Nala never found Kopa kidnapped?

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